For Leonie Fasse horses have a special meaning ever since she had contact with them. Around horses she can be herself, feel secure and loved. Amongst horses she can breathe and feel.


When she found herself lost on her life journey in her early 20s, it was the horses that helped Leonie to find strength again and find a way out of depression. Ever since she has followed her heart and is driven by the vision to help people finding an honest answer to the question “How are you?“


In her work. Leonie provides learning experiences that combine body-awareness, mindfulness, consciousness and spiritual growth. Her lifelong experience with horses and her professional background as a riding instructor and horse trainer gives Leonie the knowledge and ability to read and understand horses on a deep level. It feels to her like they speak one language. Through the FEEL work, Leonie wants to integrate the spiritual aspect into her work with horses and humans. It is her passion to help horses and people find unity by stepping into the role of a guide to hold the space for the person to learn from the wisdom of the horse.


It is Leonie’s deepest desire to give back to the horses what they give her: Safety, self-awareness, pride, fun and love.


By connecting the horse and human duo, she does not only help the horses to find a place of harmony, but allows them to step into the role of teacher and provide space for a transformational development for their participant.


Leonie experienced herself that “Life is better when you feel“ and with great enthusiasm she shares her vision to help others regain their child like nature with open senses and vivid emotions.


Leonie offers private coaching sessions and workshops with her own herd as well as connection work for people and their horse(s) residing in the area.


She strongly believes in the power of exchange of knowledge and combining different journeys in order to provide the biggest benefits for horses and their humans caregivers. Therefore, retreats and workshops are regularly offered in combination with other health coaches or body workers.

FEEL® Faciliator Program Sweden 2016-2017

Certified FEEL practicioner


6 months intensive education program with the founders of FEEL Wendy Golding and Andre Leclipteux under the non-profit organisation Horse Spirits Connections




Centered Riding Instructor 2015

CR Instructor course


Riding instructor practicing and teaching the principles of Centered Riding based on the teachings of Sally Swift.

Founder of Equinity-Horsetraining

Since 2014 teaching and training horses professionally


Sharing my knowledge with regular riding students, working students and having training horses. Focus on the connection of horse and human.

EPONA Clinics with Shelley Rosenberg 2013

Participation as active workshop member

"Eat, Pray, Ride" and "Accessing your Intuition"



Founder of Equinity-Coaching

Certified FEEL® Facilitator

Phone: (+46) 073- 065 71 80

Email: info@equinity-coaching.com

Address: Ängarna 2, 43276 Tvååker



Life is better when you feel


Behind this simple sentence is a deep and profound meaning. Having experienced depression and feeling lost in this world, Leonie wants to inspire young people to step into their power and believe in themselves.

With hard work, dedication and passion she now lives her dream.


Sharing her life story, experience and knowledge about emotions and self-development, she holds the space and encourages everyone to explore their spirit and soul and find their calling.


Being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) herself, Leonie brings in a lot of understanding and compassion for difficult phases in life.

Together with her horses, she helps her clients to take a leap of faith and begin with a life long journey towards themselves.


Allowing emotions, accepting emotions and mostly understanding emotions leads to welcoming emotions with the slogan

"Life is better when you feel!"



Ängarna 2, 43276 Tvååker, Sverige




073-065 71 80



''What a beautiful thing it is to have somebody who will love you through the storm"


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