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Weekdays between 8-12 am
Weekdays between 1-4 pm
Weekdays between 4-9 pm
Weekends between 8-12am
Weekends between 1-4 pm
Weekends between 4-9 pm




Each session (90 minutes) is 1200 SEK incl. moms. With a commitment and prepayment of 4 sessions the cost is 1000 SEK incl. moms (4000 SEK in total)



Each session (90 minutes) is 1800 SEK incl. moms. With a commitment and prepayment of 4 sessions the cost is 1400 SEK incl. moms per session (5600 SEK in total).


Workshops (5-8 participants)

A one-day workshop is 1875 SEK incl. moms, lunch and snacks.

A weekend workshop is 2875 SEK incl. moms, lunch and snacks


Q. Do I need to have horse experience to book a FEEL session?


No. All exercises are done from the ground and within your comfort zone. FEEL is a wonderful way to get to know horses, meet them on a deep level and even overcome personal fear of horses.



Q. Why are you using horses and not other animals?


Horses as prey animals are very senstive to emotions and their surroundings. They communicate through energy and by that feel the persons internal state of being through the walls we build up through our lives.

I'm sure other animals are also suitable for coaching and therapy, but since horses are my best friends and passion I enjoy working with them and learning from them. Their wisdom fasciates me over and over again!



Q. Do I need to bring something special?


Please bring or come in comfortable clothes that are suitable to be outside and around horses. Closed shoes are obligatory.

Also bring a journal and pen to write down your experiences. There will be time provided for that while the session.




Q. Do I need to talk about my life experiences? I do not feel comfortable with that.


Absolutely not. The horses don't care about your history, they simply reflect on your being in the moment. FEEL is not therapy but experiential learning. Therefore your life story is not of importance. During the session, the horses will take you through their teachings bringing up whatever they feel you are ready for. FEEL is for you and created by you!



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