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June 20, 2017



A journey I needed to go on


When I first saw the add of the FEEL certification course here in Sweden, I looked at it briefly, but didn't give it much attention.

Then it popped up again and I looked at it a bit more in detail. I remember how I send it to my friend with the words "One day I want to do such an education". Her answer "You should do this one".


I didn't have the mone to pay for it, but she encouraged me to find a way and ask for help. The more I read about Horse Spirit Connections and the FEEL education, the more I wanted it and could feel, that this is what I have been looking for. I did some research about other programs and compared them. FEEL turned out to be the best, and the opportunity to learn from the founders here in Sweden was unique.

I contacted my mom and my brother and asked for help. And I contacted my father, to whom I normally don't have much contact. With all my strength and power, I tried to make it happen to be able to participate.


So already before the FEEL education started I received the first lesson: Ask for help!

I found wonderful support by my friends and family, encouraging me and helping financially. I'm very grateful to know that I have those people around me.


Starting a new chapter


I remember the first part of the FEEL education. All the new people. Me being the youngest. Talking about yourself. Showing emotions. Seeing others showing emotions. All that was way out of my comfort zone and I had struggle with finding a place within the group. As always when it comes to groups, I felt misplaced and struggling.

The first part was mostly us being clients. We experienced the exercises with our trainers facilitating.

One session I will never forget and the feeling I had while standing with the horse in the roundpen is still alive in me. I remember all the tears I cried that day on my drive home. Tears that needed to come out.


That session has changed my view on horses completely and forever. The wisdom those animals have inside of them is beyond words and I wish everyone to have such a profound meeting with a horse one day.

It is in the end that encounter, that kept me going on and believing in myself and this modality.


The second training week we entered as trainees. We talked a lot about crisis situations and what FEEL and Equine Assisted Learning really is. We learned about how to set up a business plan and how to market our company. It was a lot of theoretical knowledge which I'm grateful for. I like about FEEL, that it is so deep and thoroughly put together. Through out the entire program it was obvious that our trainer wanted one thing the most: Us to succeed!


After the second training I started with giving sessions to 4 different clients in form of practicums. Through those practice sessions it became clear how far my horses and me already came, and seeing the changes in my clients and how much they got out of it made me feel very proud and safe.


Who am I not to be powerful? #



















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