All sessions are held at Stall Haväng in Tvååker, Halland. The stable provides all facilities needed for a successful private session. Besides the arena, roundpen and paddock where the coaching is held place, we have a heated fikarum and bathroom. I invite you to come in time and enjoy a cup of tea to enter the coaching session in a relaxed way and not right out of the car.


My herd live 24/7 in an open stable with a paddock paradise system. I believe it is important for my teachers to have a life as natural as possible and the keeping of animals in a species-appropriate environment allows them to stay healthy and relaxed in body and mind.

Ängarna 2, 43276 Tvååker,

Halland, Sweden

073-065 71 80



Ängarna 2, 43276 Tvååker, Sverige




073-065 71 80



''What a beautiful thing it is to have somebody who will love you through the storm"


Mark Anthony

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