Private coaching sessions are the perfect modality for everyone who wants to go an individal journey into self-development and coaching with horses as teachers. My herd welcomes everyone who wants to experience a deep connection. Together we explore emotions and their meaning and hold the space for you to dive into your own world of feelings, allowing you to feel, accept and learn from them.


All exercises are done from the ground and no prior experience with horses is needed.

Private sessions can also be attendend with a partner/ relative/ friend focusing on the relationship, interaction and communication.



My workshop offer the possibility to dive into your inner world with the support of the other workshop member. Sharing such an profound experience with others gives it another richness and inspiration.

All workshops are for 5-8 clients and always co-facilitated by one of my colleagues.

If you are interested in attending a workshop please contact me via and I will keep you updated about dates.

It is always possible to sign up as a group for example as a family, colleaugues or friends.



  • Heartfelt connection
  • Feeling your body
  • Exploring emotions
  • Finding authenticity
  • Integrating power
  • Setting boundaries
  • Identifying goals


  • Grounding your roots
  • Exploring your strength
  • Feeling your power
  • Expanding your awareness
  • Forming connections
  • Allowing balance
  • Sharing compassion


  • Identifying your goal
  • Exploring possible obstacles
  • Stepping into your power
  • Gaining self-believe
  • Experiencing trust
  • Building confidence



FEEL is a leading-edge modality for developing human potential. In experiential interactions with horses, people gain self-knowledge and acquire skills

leading to positive life changes.

FEEL helps to


  • build self-confidence
  • develop leadership skills
  • nurture emotional agility
  • manage stress
  • strengthen relationships
  • improve communication
  • identify goals
  • find your path
  • overcome personal limitations
  • protect and set up boundaries
  • experience with all senses
  • find a connection to yourself
  • improve well being



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''What a beautiful thing it is to have somebody who will love you through the storm"


Mark Anthony

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