As passionate coach and riding instructor I always put all my heart into the sessions holding. I hold the space for my clients to experience heartfelt connections with the horses and gain deep insights.

By sharing my clients experiences and also my own stories in my blog, I wish to inspire everyone who is longing for similar experiences to step into their power and begin a journey towards understanding and activating their true self.

I believe that the universal consciousness increases for this significant part of self development work when we share our experiences and inspirations.


My heart and my horses blossom by words of gratitude and encouragement and it is in the end also the positive feedack from my clients that give me strength to continue going the journey of shared experiences.

We can all learn from each other!

Feel free to send me some words if it feels right in your heart, I love reading all the stories that reach me everyday.

Inspiration and new insights


I had not really and idea about how coaching with horses works before I had my first session. But I was ready and willed to learn new things about myself and very excited about seeing how Leonie and her horses could help me with that.

Now after my 5th session I can say, that I have not excpected such an outcome.

Already after my first session, through which Leonie guided me professionally, it felt like my communication with horses reached another totally new and more intense level. The horses reflected my emotions and Leonie helped me to translate their language and understand their behaviour. After that session I could not wait to continue with the coaching. In the following sessions I learned many surprising things about myself and am overwhelmed by everything the horses told me.

Leonie's support and compassion helped me a lot through the process.

I take a lot of inspiration with me and am looking forward to working with my new insights on my continuing journey.



Working with Leonie is truly good for your soul



I contacted Leonie first as I needed some help to understand my horse, she came out to my stable and we talked a lot during these sessions and already there, I developed the relationship with my mare. Leonie then asked me if I wanted to help her in her graduating process by beeing a student to her coaching with the horse as a teacher – and of course I wanted to.


I am/was completely new to work with horses in this way and from the first session we had I was so amazed about how much you can accomplish by doing so little.

We started every session with painting our own version of a Mandala and only by looking at my drawings you can easily see how much I have developed. I thought that this was all about learning about horses, and of course that too, but most of all it is about getting to know yourself and be open enough to see the signals that the horse send to you. And then search within yourself why the horse is acting differently to you when you feel certain feelings.

We have so much to learn about this and Leonie is a inspiration in all ways, she is very good at explaining – both when it comes to understanding yourself but also understanding the horses. When we talk I feel like everything make sense and I am truly greatful for that and will continue to work with her for sure, both with my own horse but also come to Stall Haväng to let Leonie and her horses guide me.


Thank you!





Those testimonials are just an example of where the FEEL work can take people. Every session is unique and individual. The horses are masters in recognizing incongruency and help us to regain balance and authenticity. They welcome us to face our emotions and understand their messages in order to process trauma and access our inner strength and true being.


Book your session now and write your own story!

I feel like I can do anything!


Leonie and her horses helped me to understand what is going on with my feelings and energy. I experienced that when I overthink my feelings they can't keep me grounded. I need to accept them more. When I accept them, and what they mean, I feel like I can do anything!


The coaching was a very interesting experience! Peaceful and fun at the same time! I'm looking forward to having more sessions soon!



I got a push in the right direction


Thank you for everything you have done and will do in the future. I miss my time in Sweden, but I am where I am because of you! Thank you! You are amazing, interesting, loving, full of live, a guide to deeper connection.


No other person could have shown me how much emotions I store in my body. And make me realize on my own which ones are there.


Your heart is true, honest, giving!



I am on a journey with myself


Leonie asked me:"What is your dream?", but I had no dream.

Now I have a dream in which I find harmony with my horse, find happiness in the small, unplanned things and find myself completely. Thanks to Leonie I am on the way of reaching my dream.


Leonie has opened my eyes in so many ways. I understand myself much better, but also others. My view on horses has changed a lot. Now I feel more accepting and I appreciate what is offered without expectations. I understand my horse better and we connected even more because now there is space for her to be herself and me to be myself.


I am on a journey with myself on which I accept every emotion and not only the "good" ones, and Leonie has given me a great deal of tools for how to work with them.


Thank you Leonie for being a great mentor!





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''What a beautiful thing it is to have somebody who will love you through the storm"


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